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As we continue to see change taking place, many academic challenges are ahead due to new state legislation. The most notable change will be the look of the state report card for the 2013-2014 school year. School districts and individual buildings will no longer be rated based on the old criteria.


Under the new system:


Overall Grade – A letter grade will replace the current rating system of rating (Excellent with Distinction, Excellent, Effective, Continuous Improvement, Academic Watch and Academic Emergency). It is computed from the four component grades such that each of the components is counted equal weight. They are as follows:


Percent Indicators Met – This component is one measure of school performance. The grade shown is based on a 100% scale which measures how well the school or district met the 26 state indicators of student performance on tests, attendance, and graduation.


Performance Index – This component measures student performance. It averages student scores on a 120 point scale using state assessment, assigns a grade to each building and also for the district based on a standard 90%=A, 80%=B scale.


Value-Added – This component grades schools based on the level of improvement by its students on state assessments. It is a measure of the effect of school on its student’s learning regardless of the level of attainment of those students. Since the measure only looks at progress grades 4 through 8, schools that do not test those grades do not get a Value-Added Grade. In this case, the high school would be exempt from this component.


Gap Closing – This component is a new measure that the Ohio Department of Education has proposed to replace the current use of the federal AYP (Annual Yearly Progress) measure. Gap closing gives a grade based on how well a school or district is doing in narrowing gaps in achievement among students according to socio-economical, racial, ethnic or disability status.

Thanks to the efforts of our teachers, board of education, parents and most importantly our students, the Hubbard Exempted Village School District has received an Excellent rating for the last five consecutive years. Under the new system that would be an “A”.



If you have any questions or concerns, please call me at (330) 534-1921 x 1003



Richard J. Buchenic, Superintendent


February 1, 2013

The Ohio Committee for Severe Weather Awareness offers some important information with regards to winter weather preparedness for schools.

During unusual weather conditions children can be especially susceptible to the dangers associated with winter weather. Often their youthful enthusiasm can take over when common sense and safety should prevail.

Parents are reminded to stay informed of winter weather conditions and school closings, and should review the following safety tips with their son or daughter who walk to school, drive to school or ride the school bus:

  • Dress appropriately for cold weather – sweaters,      pants, winter coats, hats, scarves, socks, and boots. It is a good idea to layer clothing.


  • Allow extra travel time to get to the bus stop or school. Drive carefully and become aware of road conditions.


  • If riding the school bus, stand at least 10 steps away (or back) from bus stops.  Buses need extra room to stop where there is snow or ice.


  • Do not walk or play on snow mounds or ice within 10 feet of the roadway; you could fall and slip into the roadway and be at risk of being struck by a vehicle.


  • Do not cross the street at your bus stop until all traffic has come to a complete stop and the bus driver HAS SIGNALED that it is safe to cross.


  • Children should know where to go if a parent will not be home, and how to contact a parent or guardian. Contact information, including work and cell phone numbers should be kept up-dated with your school.


  • Parents practice safe driving with your son or daughter; especially during the winter months.


  • Remember the decision to close or delay school is difficult and the safety of everyone will always be the deciding factor if we delay or close buildings.

If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to call me at 330-534-1921x 1003.

Richard J. Buchenic



Richard J. Buchenic, Superintendent


School board members exemplify local citizen control and decision-making in education. They volunteer hundreds of hours and an immeasurable amount of energy to assure that our schools are providing the best education possible for the children of our community. Here are some reasons we are taking this opportunity to show them our appreciation during School Board Recognition Month in January.


School board members are citizens whose decisions affect our children - what they learn, who will teach them and what kinds of facilities house their classrooms. These are men and women elected to establish the policies that provide the framework for our public schools. They represent you, and they take this responsibility seriously by attending lengthy - sometimes challenging - meetings, conferences and institutes where they broaden their knowledge about education; during numerous conversations about the schools; and sessions before the Ohio General Assembly.


Our school board is one of 719 such boards across the state. These boards enable us to have local control of public schools, meaning that decisions on school programming are made by local, elected representatives who understand the community's unique problems, values, culture and circumstances.


It's a tradition that began nearly 300 years ago. With the advice and counsel of the educational professionals they hire, our school board has an impact on virtually every aspect of our schools. It's a huge responsibility and one that should not be taken lightly. Too often we neglect to recognize the dedication and hard work of these men and women who represent us. The staff and students of our school district are asking all local citizens to take a moment to tell a school board member "thanks for caring about our children's education.”


So, hats off to the dedicated men and women who make it possible for local citizens to have a say about education in our communities. We salute the public servants of Hubbard Exempted Village School District whose dedication and civic responsibility make local control of public schools in our community possible. We applaud them for their vision and voice to help shape a better tomorrow.


Dr. Benjamin Hayek, President


Raymond DeLuco, Vice-President


Linda Silvidi, Member


Marty Franko, Member


Donald Newell Sr., Member 




News from the Superintendent, December 7, 2012



As you may know, the Hubbard High School football team hosted M.M. Robinson high school this fall, a football team from Ontario Canada.

Please enjoy the letter received from their coach.

Just wanted to take some time to update you on our season and again thank you for having us down there. We just finished Tuesday in our provincial finals. We lost in the last 10 seconds 29-28. It was a very intense game and a heartbreaker. However, we look at the big picture. This was a great season for us, one like no other. We have never been so far as a school or football program. I wanted you to know that you and the Hubbard community had a lot to do with it. It was a great start to the season going to Hubbard and playing your team.


More importantly getting the opportunity to build relationships with your community. Your school is a great place for kids to learn and grow. You see it right away. Buildings aside it’s the people, so open and welcoming. I loved that your administration was so involved it makes you understand that it is a community and a family that you have there. All those involved, awesome the booster club going so far out of their way to make us feel welcome, great people, please make sure to express our gratitude to them for all their work. The team and coaches true sportsmen, straight up honest, intense and they get the big picture you are building something invaluable. Our kids learned that from your kids. Our kids learned that is more than just a game. Our kids learned of the possibilities in front of them from that game. Your community got us started. Thank you to Hubbard for being part of a special season here at M.M. Robinson H.S. Please forward this to your coach, principal and booster club.


Again, Thank you.

Marcello Campanaro

Head Coach / AD

M.M. Robinson H.S.

News from the Superintendent

November 30, 2012 


The following information is taken from the Ohio Committee For Severe Weather Awareness:


A county sheriff may, pursuant to Ohio Revised Code, Sections 311.07 and 311.08, declare a snow emergency and temporarily close the state roads and municipal streets within his/her jurisdiction when such action is reasonably necessary for the preservation of the public peace. Ohio Attorney General’s opinion 97-015, issued April 1, 1997 concluded that this authority includes state roads, county and township roads and municipal streets.


Snow Emergency Classifications:



Level 1:

Roadways are hazardous with blowing and drifting snow. Roads may also be icy. Motorists are urged to drive very cautiously.


Level 2:

Roadways are hazardous with blowing and drifting snow. Roads may also be very icy. Only those who feel it is necessary to drive should be out on roads. Use extreme caution if you must drive.


Level 3:

All roads are closed to non-emergency personnel. No one should be driving during these conditions unless it is absolutely necessary to travel or a personal emergency exits.


I hope this information is helpful to our community, especially during this early unpredictable winter weather we have been experiencing.


Tips on how to dress during cold weather:

Wear layers of loose-fitting lightweight warm clothing. Trapped air between the layers wIll insulate the body. Outer garments should be tightly woven, water repellent and hooded.

Cover your head. 40% of our body heat can be lost from our head.

Cover your mouth to protect your lungs from extreme cold.

Wear mittens or gloves

Stay dry and out of the wind.

News from the Superintendent

October 26, 2012


The State of Ohio allows for five calamity days (snow days) that Ohio Public School Districts may use. Hubbard Exempted Village Schools will close schools or use a two-hour delay as weather conditions dictate. Our decision is one that is taken very seriously and we feel our students are better served both academically and socially by being in school. However, the safety of everyone is our primary concern. Today I will explain our two-hour delay procedure.


Two-Hour Delay Procedure:

  • -I will, in conjunction with other officials, make a decision by 6:00 AM to either close or delay the opening of school. We will continue to use the phone notification system, TV, and radio to notify the community.
  • -When a two-hour delay announcement is made, continue to listen to the radio and television for updated information. If conditions deteriorate, a decision may be made to close the schools.
  • -During a delayed start, morning pick-up times will be delayed two hours from your child’s normal pick-up time. This will apply to all students transported by the Hubbard Exempted Village Schools.
  • -When school is delayed it is important that you DO NOT send or drop your children at school prior to the delayed start time. Building staff may not be available to supervise children before that time.
  • -When school is delayed, breakfast will NOT be served. Lunch programs will run as usual with some adjustments.
  • -When school is delayed, dismissal times will remain the same.
  • -When school is delayed, all pre-school classes will be cancelled.
  • -The closing or delaying of the school day is a difficult decision. Every effort will be made to ensure the safety of students.
  • -If you do not feel as though it is safe for your child to attend school, use your best judgment as to whether he or she should attend. In addition, discourage teenagers from driving in bad weather conditions and offer them alternatives if weather conditions worsen.


We hope that this explanation helps everyone. If you have any questions or concerns, please call me at (330) 534-1921 x 1003.

News from the Superintendent

October 12, 2012


It is my pleasure to make the following announcement:


Hubbard K-12 Campus Grand Opening will be held at the New Hubbard Middle School, 250 Hall Ave., on Sunday, October 21, 2012 beginning at 1:00 P.M.


Following the Opening Ceremony, you will be able to tour the entire campus. The entire Hubbard Community is welcome to tour their schools.

What:   Hubbard Campus Grand Opening

When:  Sunday, October 21, 2012

Where: The New Hubbard Middle School –Main Entrance

Time:    1:00 – 3:00 PM  


All three buildings will be open for you to tour from 1:00 – 3:00 PM. The auditorium is still under renovation and will not be open.


Feel free to call me at (330) 534-1921 x 1003 if you have any questions.


Richard J. Buchenic




News from the Superintendent

October 5, 2012


Congratulations are in order for our Lady Eagles Golf Team, who won the National Division Championship of the all American Conference. In addition, the Lady Eagles advanced to the District championships at Tam O’Shanter golf course in Canton, Ohio.



The Boys’ Golf Team advanced to the district championships at Windmill Lakes in Ravenna, Ohio. Way to go Eagles!



There is no school on Friday, October 12, 2012 (NEOEA Day).



This year’s Fall Homecoming festivities will be the week of October 15th. The Homecoming Parade will be held on Friday, Oct.19 before the game. The parade will start at the high school and will end at the stadium with the crowning of the King and Queen that will take place before the game at 6:30 P.M.


We look forward to seeing you on Friday, October 19, 2012.


The Homecoming dance will be held at the McMenamy’s Banquet Hall located in Niles on Saturday, Oct. 20th  from 7 to 10 P.M. . There is a dress code is in effect for the dance, that means absolutely no hats, no sunglasses and proper attire must be worn at all times.


Feel free to call me at (330) 534-1921 x 1003 if you have any questions.

Richard J. Buchenic


Board of Education

108 Orchard Ave.

Hubbard, OH 44425

Phone 330-534-1921


Richard Buchenic

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Alma Mater

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To Hubbard High
Our hearts will e’er be true.
Oh, Hubbard High,
Long wave the white the blue.

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