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March 23 & 24: Festival of Bands
April 5: Blood Drive
April 7: & 8: ASL Play
April 8: ACT
April 21 & 22: Spring Musical at 7pm
April 23: Spring Musical at 2pm
April 26: High School Band Concert
April 27: Senior Award Night at 6pm]
May 2: High School Choir concert
May 6: Prom and Promenade
May 17 & 18: Senior Exams
May 23 & 24: Underclass Exams
May 24: Graduation @ Stambaugh Auditorium

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school of promiseHubbard High School has been recognized as a School of Promise by the Ohio Department of Education and a High Performing High School. 

The Ohio Department of Education developed the Schools of Promise program to identify, recognize, and highlight schools that are making substantial progress in ensuring high achievement for all students.


Frequently Asked Questions: Student Drug Testing Policy

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College Credit Plus - (CCP)

College Credit Plus is a program that allows students to enroll in a college/university and earn college credits while in high school.  Students may earn college credits by:  taking a CCP course on their high school campus, attending courses on a college campus, or enrolling in a college online course.

The minimum requirements for entrance into the College Credit Plus program are a cumulative 2.0 GPA and a 17 composite ACT score.  Please note that certain courses will have requirements that exceed this minimum.

Hubbard High School has partnered with YSU and Eastern Gateway Community College to offer CCP courses here on Hubbard High School's camus.  Please note the following courses offered and eligibility requirements:

Youngstown State University:

The following YSU courses will be taught on the Hubbard High School campus by Hubbard teachers who are approved as adjunct professors at YSU.  

YSU Courses offered:

         College Algebra (4 sem hrs) and Trigonometry (3 sem hrs)
         total of 7 semester hrs (MATH 1510 and MATH 1511)
         These courses may be substituted for Pre Calculus
         Requirements to enroll:  ACT Math score of 22

         Calculus 1 (4 sem hrs) and Intro to Statistics (3 sem hrs)
         total of 7 semester hrs (MATH 1571 and STAT 2601)
         Requirements to enroll:  ACT Math score of 22 OR final grade of "C" in Col Alg / Trig

         Writing 1 - total of 3 semester hours (ENG 1150)
         Requirements to enroll:  ACT English score of 18

         Intermediate French - total of 3 semester hours (Frnc 2606)
         Requirements to enroll:  Must have all 3 ACT scores:  English 18;  Reading 21;  Math 22

Eastern Gateway Community College:

The following EGCC online courses will be offered on the Hubbard High School campus.  Hubbard teachers will serve as facilitators for each course.  The EGCC professor will solely be responsible for assigning all work, tests, etc., as well as grading.  Hubbard teachers will offer support to students enrolled in the course, however, they are NOT the teacher for the course and therefore will not be involved or responsible for assigning work or for grading.  Students will not receive nine week grades on report cards for online classes.

Eastern Gateway Community College online courses offered and requirements to enroll:

         American Government (3 sem hrs) and Comparative Politics (3 sem hrs)
         total of 6 semester hrs (PSC 101 and PSC 102)
         These courses may be substituted for US Government.
         Requirements to enroll:  ACT English score of 18 - OR - ACT Reading score of 21

 General Chemistry 1 (4 sem hrs) and General Chemistry 2(4 sem hrs)
         total of 8 semester hrs (CHM 102 and CHM 103)
         Requirements to enroll:  ACT Math score of 22 and EGCC Chemistry proficiency test


The curriculum for the college course will be followed in order to offer college credit.  Students will take the college final exam at the completion of the course.  Please note that these are college level courses and are taught at the college level.  Courses are very rigorous.  Students successfully completing the CCP course will receive college credit.  The student will have a YSU / EGCC transcript reflecting the credits earned and a college GPA.  The grade in the CCP course will also be reflected as the grade earned in the high school course and will be calculated in the students high school cumulative GPA.  The credits earned through CCP are transferrable to all Ohio state colleges/universities. Please note that the college GPA will continue if the student enrolls in YSU / EGCC.  If the student enrolls in a different post-secondary institution, the semester hours will transfer but the GPA will not.

The February ACT exam is the last acceptable test date for CCP qualification.  Please check the registration deadline.  If you are considering CCP for the following school year, you MUST take the ACT by February and receive the required scores -  be reminded that you have the September, October, December and February ACT exam dates.   Students interested in the CCP program are welcome to attend the Informational meeting held each year. Students must notify their counselor by April 1 if they intend to participate in the CCP program for the following year.

Students will not be permitted to drop CCP courses once they sign up without a penalty of WF (withdrawal failing).  Students who fail a CCP course or drop the course with a WF penalty will be required to reimburse Hubbard Exempted Village School District the full college tuition / book fee for the course.


College Credit Plus Pathways:

15 credit General Education Pathway

CCP College Algebra (4 sem hrs) and Trigonometry (3 sem hrs)
CCP Calculus 1 (4 sem hrs) and Intro to Statistics (3 sem hrs)
CCP French (3 sem hrs)
Total:  17 semester hours

30 credit General Education Pathway

CCP College Algebra (4 sem hrs) and Trigonometry (3 sem hrs)
CCP Calculus 1 (4 sem hrs) and Intro to Statistics (3 sem hrs)
CCP College Writing 1 (3 sem hrs)
CCP General Chemistry 1 (4 sem hrs) and General Chemistry 2 (4 sem hrs)
CCP Intermediate French (3 sem hrs)
CCP American Government (3 sem hrs) and Comparative Politics (3 sem hrs)
Total:  34 semester hours

Transfer your credits to University System of Ohio schools - visit:  to learn more

Planning to attend a private or out of state college?  You need to check with those schools to see how credits could transfer.


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Alma Mater

Oh, Hubbard High,
We cherish thy dear name.
We will revere
Thy colors blue and white.
In all our deeds
We strive to raise thy fame.
Now as we sing,
We praise thee to the heights.
To Hubbard High
Our hearts will e’er be true.
Oh, Hubbard High,
Long wave the white the blue.