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Hubbard High School Scheduling for 2018-2019


The high school will begin the scheduling process for 2018-2019 in February 2018.  Recognizing that course selection is extremely important, we encourage each student and his/her parent to carefully review the scheduling information and take the time to make the necessary course selections.  When selecting courses, students/parents should consider:  course rigor; courses needed for college entrance; NCAA requirements; athletic eligibility; diploma with honors; valedictorian/salutatorian requirements, etc.  The Academic Handbook describes each of these areas in detail and should be referenced when selecting courses for next year.


The Academic Handbook for the 2018-2019 school year will be given to all students currently in grades 8 - 11.  The booklet contains important information that will help when selecting courses.  It also includes a description of all courses offered at Hubbard High School.  

The high school will have an informational 8th grade parent scheduling meeting on February 14, 2018 at 7:00 pm in the HS auditorium.  All parents of current eighth graders are encouraged to attend.  



Guidance counselors will meet with students to distribute scheduling information and discuss course selections.  



  • Important things to remember:  


1.  All students must carry a minimum of 5.25 credits for the year and five classes

     per semester

2.  We recommend student athletes carry a minimum of 6 classes per semester

3.  Phys Ed classes do not count toward eligibility, however they do count 

     towards the "F" rule

4.  At no time may a student drop a class for a study hall

5.  Students may not drop an Honors/Advanced Placement/College Credit Plus

     course without a penalty of a Withdrawal Failing (WF).  Reimbursement
     of tuition/books for dropped CCP course will be required

6.  Students enrolled in AP courses will be required to take the AP Exam

     in May with a cost of approximately $94.00