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Hubbard Athletics

It is my honor to welcome everyone to the 2023-2024 Hubbard athletic season!


We are in our 4th year of competition in the competitive Northeast 8 Athletic Conference. The NE8 includes Girard, Hubbard, Jefferson, Lakeview, Niles, Poland, South Range, and Struthers.


Thank you to all stakeholders and booster groups for allowing our student-athletes to receive first class facilities and treatment in their quest for athletic greatness.


Last year our athletic department continued to grow with participation and allowing our student-athletes the opportunity to learn important skills that will lead them to be the future leaders of Hubbard and our country. Each of our high school teams last season earned a 3.1 GPA or above which is a number that should be celebrated.


I would like to personally wish all of our student-athletes a successful year in the classroom and in their athletic pursuits. A special thanks to the band and the cheerleaders who spend countless hours perfecting their performances and cheering on all of our teams.


As someone who grew up as an Eagle, not only attending athletic events as a kid, but also as a Hubbard student athlete in high school, I am excited to be the leader of Hubbard Athletics and continue the great traditions of being an Eagle.


Go Eagles!


Mr. Kevin Hogue
Director of Athletics
Hubbard High School
Phone: 330-534-1921 x2014





The athletic program is an integral part of the total educational process provided by the Hubbard Exempted Village Schools. Academic and athletic excellence are mutually compatible goals of the Hubbard Schools.


Interscholastic athletics provides the opportunity for a physically skilled segment of the school population to compete with and against students of comparable abilities in team or individual formats.


The preparation required to compete at the interscholastic level provides numerous opportunities for participants to mature as students, athletes, and citizens.


Hubbard athletic teams are expected to be prepared to compete with measurable success, victories on the field of play are obvious and desirable goals of any program. The final measure of the effectiveness of our athletic program will be determined by the caliber that our collective energies and resources produce.



The Hubbard Athletic Department is looking for any Hubbard High School Alums who participated in athletics during their time at HHS!  Please take a few minutes to fill out the form found at this link below:


We are doing this so that we can stay in better contact with our alumni and for a few projects we are working on in the long range.This will help us to stay better connected with you!  Please give us some time as we build up our database.  And spread the word that we are looking for our fellow Eagles! 

Picture of Kevin Hogue
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