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Bus Change Form




Bus Change Form


The first day of school is a big step for your little one and you too.

We would like to assure you that your child's safety is our main concern.

Our routes are set up so that as few children as possible will have to cross the street. Unfortunately, a few must cross anyway. Your child will participate in a special safety program pertaining to crossing the road and how to ride safely in a bus.

You can help us by telling your child to let the driver cross him or her. It is very important to instill in your child the idea that he/she must listen to and obey the driver at all times.

Children must remain seated with no screaming or yelling while riding the bus. Also, no eating or drinking on the bus.

Your child's driver has been trained to handle children and the bus under all types of conditions. The drivers are in constant contact with the office, each other, and the police department.

Routes are scheduled so that we pick up or drop off your child at approximately the same time each day. The time may vary according to the weather. Sometimes we are delayed by heavy traffic, but as a rule, we won't vary over five minutes.

During the first few weeks of school the bus route may have to be altered for various reasons. If any drastic change occurs you will be notified. Please allow a five minute leeway and have your child ready.

Please be patient with us for a couple of weeks while the drivers learn their routes, their stops, and the children's names. We would appreciate it if you would be at your child's stop or have someone else there to meet them. If you can't or don't have someone else to meet your child, please write a note letting us know it's OK to drop your child off without someone else meeting them.

In cold weather our buses are not as warm as a car, so please be sure your child dresses in warm clothing and warm foot wear.

Should any questions or problems arise during the school year you may contact the transportation office at 534-3722. We will be happy to help and cooperate at all times.


At this point in time, adjustments have been made, approximately seventy five percent of the bus routing will stay the same as it was in the previous school year. Kindergarten and Fifth Graders will have some questions as it will be there first year on a new bus. You should receive a letter with your child's pick up location and pick up time included. It is important to keep in mind that the yellow bus is the safest form of transportation to school that is available. We truly encourage riding the bus! Feel free to call the Transportation Department for bus numbers and pick up times.


If you have any questions regarding any transportation issues, please call Mona Jones at 330-534-3722

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