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Finance & Funding

All school districts in Ohio are required to file a five-year financial forecast by October 31 and May 31 in each fiscal year.   The five-year forecast displays three years of "actual" and five years "projected" general fund revenues and expenditures.  The current fiscal year is used as the initial year of the forecast.

Link to Five-Year Forecast:


Link to Assumptions:

See below for links to financial summaries and sm2 files (general fund only).



finsum_1-15.pdf             sm2_1-15.pdf

finsum_7-14.pdf            sm2_7-14.pdf

finsum_8-14.pdf            sm2_8-14.pdf

finsum_9-14.pdf            sm2_9-14.pdf

finsum_10-14.pdf          sm2_10-14.pdf

finsum_11-14.pdf            sm2_11-14.pdf

finsum_12-14.pdf           sm2_12-14.pdf

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