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2022 Board of Education Meeting Dates

Approved the 2022 regular meetings of the Hubbard Board of Education be held on the dates

listed below at 6:00 p.m.; and that these meetings be held in the Board Room, 108 Orchard

Ave., Hubbard, Ohio unless otherwise noted below, pursuant to ORC 3313.15.

Monday, January 24th

Wednesday, February 16th (Location: Hubbard Auditorium)

Monday, March 28th (Location: Hubbard High School)

Monday, April 25th (Location: Hubbard Elementary School)

Monday, May 16th (Location: Hubbard Middle School)

Wednesday, June 29th

Monday, July 25th

Monday, August 22nd

Monday, September 26th

Monday, October 24th

Monday, November 21st

Monday, December 19th

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