Aquatic Coordinator


Hubbard, OH 44425

DATE: March 2, 2020

RE: Positions Posting

FROM: Raymond W. Soloman, Superintendent

TO: Hubbard Certified Employees & Other Interested Parties

The following position is available:

POSITION: Aquatic Coordinator

Qualifications: *Specific licenses/certifications are required as deemed essential at the time of hire (e.g., Aquatic Facilities

Operator (AFO), Aquatic Fitness Certification, Certified Pool Operator (CPO), CPR/AED (Professional

Rescuer or equivalent), First Aid, Lifeguard, Lifeguard Training, Water Safety Instructor, etc.). Aquatic

facility, budget and instructional/recreational program management skills verified by training or work


*Analyzes, organizes and presents complex information in an easy-to-understand format.

*Demonstrates a complete understanding of swimming pool sanitization/maintenance procedures and the

ability to manage compliance with environmental, health and safety regulations.

*Displays flexibility, reliability, self-discipline and a willingness to take on challenging tasks.

*Effective supervisory, communication, problem-solving and time management skills.

*Embodies high ethical standards/integrity. Accepts responsibility for personal decisions/conduct.

*Maintains a record free of criminal violations that would prohibit public school employment.

* Swim coach knowledge/experience is advantageous.

*Successful BCII/FBI background check

Essential Functions: *Professionally manages aquatics programs. Actively supervises department staff. Establishes appropriate

levels of employee autonomy and accountability.

*Exemplifies professionalism. Fosters goodwill to enhance the district’s public image.

*Maintains open/effective communications. Serves as a reliable information resource.

*Pursues opportunities to enhance personal performance.

*Keeps informed about workplace safety procedures. Initiates action to manage risks.

*Preforms other specific job-related duties as directed.

SALARY: As per Administrative Factoring System

DEADLINE Until Filled

RESPOND in writing to: Raymond W. Soloman, Superintendent

108 Orchard Avenue

Hubbard, OH 44425

Phone: 330-534-1921

FAX: 330-534-0522