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Board Summary 2-19-19


FEBRUARY 19, 2019

Approved the financial reports for the month of January 2019.

Financial Summary, SM-2, Check Register, Bank Reconciliation

Approved the following board meeting minutes:

January 3, 2019 Organizational Meeting

January 28, 2019 Regular Meeting

Accepted, with gratitude, the following donations:

John Perdue, Inc. $485 to the High School Principal’s Fund

Home Savings Charitable Foundation $550 to High School Robotics

Side Effects $3,372 for Softball Scoreboard

Approved Resolution #19-12: Accepting the amount and rates as determined by the Budget Commission, authorizing the necessary tax levies and certifying them to the county Auditor, as submitted.

Approved the contract between Hubbard Exempted Village School District and Valuation Engineers, Inc, for fixed asset re-appraisal, revaluation and management, as submitted.

Approved the TCESC 2018-2019 Certified and Classified Substitute Lists, as updated and submitted.

Approved the 2018-2019 HEVSD Classified Sub List, as submitted and updated, as per OAPSE negotiated agreement.

Approved the following contract modifications for the following bus drivers, as per OAPSE negotiated agreement:

Melissa Yartz from 4.0 hrs. to 3.75 hrs. Step 1, effective 1/28/19

Sharon Peachock from 3.5 hrs. to 3.75 hrs., Step 3, effective 1/28/19

Approved the list of prospective graduates from Hubbard High School, the Class of 2019, as submitted.

Approved payment to the following Winter 2018 workers:

$1035.00 Dennis Parise JV & Varsity Scoreboard Operator Boys & Girls Basketball

$1035.00 Fred Shaffer JV & Varsity Scorekeeper Boys Basketball

$999.00 Annie DeLuco JV & Varsity Scorekeeper Girls

$1035.00 Giavanna Hosack Stat Board Varsity/Freshman/8th Grade Scoreboard Operator

$550.00 Anthony Romo 7th & 9th Scoreboard Operator

$340.00 Brianna Jukes 7th Scorekeeper Boys Basketball

$360.00 Jamie Thomson 8th Scorekeeper Boys Basketball

$360.00 Andrew Foulkes 7th Scorekeeper Girls Basketball

$120.00 Jayden Record 9th Scorekeeper Boys Basketball

$230.00 Jake Slaina Filming Boys Varsity Basketball Games

$120.00 Tom Seece Filming Girls Varsity Basketball Game


$840.00 Brian Luther Announcer Boys & Girls Varsity Basketball Games

Approved the spring trip to Unionville, Tennessee from March 27, 2019 through March 30, 2019

for the Hubbard Baseball Team.

Approved the following coaches for the 2018-2019 school year, as per HEA negotiated agreement. *All coaches are subject to all required certifications.

Girls Track

Rod Greenamyer Head 16.5%

Ross Stoffer Co-Varsity Assistant 8.5%

Trina Jones Co-Varsity Assistant 4.0%

Boys Track

Don Gosney Head 16.5%

Jim Phibbs Varsity Assistant 7.25%

Throwing Coach

Dan Jones 6.5%


Trent Stubrich 7th/8th Girls 10.5%

Ben Lane 7th/8th Boys 8.0%

James Chaney 7th/8th Assistant 4.0%

Approved a Master Agreement between Eastern Gateway and Hubbard Exempted Village School District regarding College Credit Plus, as submitted.

Approved the following HELP teachers, as per posting dated January 23, 2019, as per HEA negotiated agreement:

Anna Morris

Scott Weimer

Lindsey Stanford

Jessica Richmond

Adrienne Cooper

Leah Orlowski

Amy Martin

Brian Luther

Diane Glodek

Heather White

Leslie Hess

George Lanterman

Nick McGinnis

Frank O'Brien

Diana LaVaglio

Karen Cassano

Linda Congemi

Ashley Carter

Approved the following HELP nurse, as per posting dated January 23, 2019, as per HEA negotiated agreement:

Erika Kopanic

Approved the following HELP secretaries, as per posting dated January 23, 2019, as per OAPSE negotiated agreement:

Yolanda Resatar

Karen Murphy

Accepted, with regret, the resignation of Richard Magazzine, HHS Sign Language teacher, at the end of the 2018-2019 school year, as per HEA negotiated agreement.

Approved the first reading presentation of the HEVSD 2019-2020 Calendar, as submitted, as per ORC Section 3313.48(B), for adoption at the March 19, 2019 board meeting.

Approved the first reading of the following board policy to be adopted at the March 19, 2019 board meeting:

2271 College Credit Plus Program

Approved Janene Oyler, .5 hr. Paraprofessional, M-F, 2:30-3:00pm, effective 2-19-19, as per posting dated 2-6-19, as per OAPSE negotiated agreement.

Raymond W. Soloman



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