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Board Summary - November 23, 2020


1. Approved the financial reports for the month of October 2020.

Financial Summary, SM-2, Check Register, Bank Reconciliation

2. Approved the following board meeting minutes:

October 21st, 2020 Special Meeting

October 26th, 2020 Regular Meeting

3. Accepted, with gratitude, the following donations:

Artasia Framing $1,500 to the Hubbard Community Pool/Kraken - new diving blocks Extending Grace $400 to the Hubbard Community Pool

Anonymous $250 to the Hubbard Community Pool

Mavrogianis Family $100 to the Hubbard Community Pool/Kraken - new diving blocks

HESPA $3,801.32 total as listed below:

Teacher Supplies for back to school $923.98 Students Supplies for back to school $1,718.10 Clothing Room $293.42 Art, Gym, Music, Stem, Library $100 to each - $500 total Fall Parties $251.52 Costumes $114.30

Randy Tirabassi Funk Fund through Hubbard Music

9 Ukuleles and 6 tuners valued at $509.85 to HES Music classes

4. Approved the 2020-2021 Five-Year Projection of Revenues, Expenditures and Assumptions in accordance with Rule 3301-92-04 under Chapter 119 of ORC Section 5705.391, in the format as prescribed by the Ohio Department of Education and the Auditor of State, as submitted.

5. Approved the revised FY21 Student Activity Budgets:

Drama Club $27,248.43

SADD $1,843.18

6. Approved the TCESC 2020-2021 Certified and Classified Substitute Lists, as updated and submitted.

7. Approved the HEVSD 2020-2021 Classified Substitute List, as updated and submitted.

8. Approved Resolution #21-12: a resolution to endorse the Fair School Funding Plan, as introduced in the Senate Companion Bill, to substitute HB 305, and encourage the 133rd General Assembly to expedite the passage of the bill, as submitted.

9. Adjusted the rate of pay for substitute custodians and cleaners to $12.00 per hour, effective November 30th, 2020.

10. Approved the following coach for the 2020-2021 school year, as per HEA negotiated agreement: All coaches are subject to all required certifications.

Boys Basketball

Bob Thompson- Volunteer 7th grade

11. Approved the following be paid for working Fall Sports:

Todd Coonce-$240-Chains

Ken Merrell-$150-Chains

Bob Ellcessor-$150-Chains

Fred Mootz-$120-Chains

John Sabo-$30-Chains

Chris Balla-$30-Chains

Martin Kanetsky-$100- MS, Freshman, JV Chain Assignor

Wesley Best-$400- Football Film

Jeff Wright-$400-Football Stats-

Brian Wright-$120-Chains

Brian Adamson-$120-Chains

Richard Shepard-$120-Chains

Andy Zenko-$120-Chains

Robin Roose- $180-Parking

Debbie Madeline-$180-Parking

Alexis Chmelik-$195-Parking

Brian Luther-$200-Announcing

Jim Miller-$120-Timer

Fred Shaffer-$120-Spotting

Kenny Miller-$2,055- Scoreboard Boys and Girls Soccer, Volleyball and Football

Anthony Romo-$100- Scoreboard Volleyball

Todd Chuey-$300-Scoreboard Girls and Boys Soccer

12. Non-renewed the following coaches at the end of the 2020-2021 season:

Cross Country

Beverly Anderson

Keith Davis

David Anderson

Andrea Lewis

Renay Choma


Tim Schiraldi

Sean Borawiec

John Schiraldi Jr.

Dennis Parise

Sam Bellino

Tim Taafe

Ron Fox

Ken Bencetic

Matt Jones

James Chaney

Rick Bowser

Tony Giancola

Ben Lane

George Taylor

Wesley Best

Marcus Coonce

Frank O’Brien

Tim Schiraldi

Boys Golf

David Cooper

Donald Fusselman

Girls Golf

Tom Parteleno

Chris Trobek

Boys Soccer

Cory Reinard

Andrew James

Girls Soccer

Josh MacMillan

Harry Reinard


Ron Slipkasky

Greg Powell

Emma Dellinger

Tiffany Ditman

David Stallard

Ruthie Sandberg

13. Approved Kassandra Johnson, Independent Contractor, Fitness Instructor, beginning 11/8/2020 @ $15.00/hr.

14. Approved the HHS Academic Coursebook 2021-2022, as submitted.

Raymond W. Soloman




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