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Elementary Art Contest

Well everybody, after weeks and weeks of hard work and incredible creative ideas, the students at Hubbard elementary came up with some incredible designs for this year‘s art contest. Going with the theme of FunkoPop characters, each students in kindergarten through fourth had the opportunity to create their own personal Funko in whatever medium they chose. Students made drawings, paintings, sculptures in play-do, Legos, and other creative materials. Anne Velez, long term art sub at Hubbard Elementary, collected all of the wonderful artwork from any students willing to drop off their ideas. they made characters appearing as soccer players, baseball players, pirates, and even self portraits.

“Mrs Velez has been wonderful for Hubbard Elementary. Everyday the kids are welcomed with a sincere smile and joy for the artwork they are working on next. It has been a pleasure working with her on this project the past couple months.”

The funnest part of the process was being able to get a hold of Funk themselves. They heard about our project and noted how much fun it looked. After several emails back-and-forth corresponding with members of their sales team, they donated 28 characters from Disney to DIY, Funko Piz dispensers, and a box of Fantastic 4 bobbleheads. We were so appreciative of their generous donations and l participation that helped the Future Educators of America at Hubbard High with this project. Their generosity allowed us to award 16 gift bags to students. We put two Funko characters, one do it yourself and one Bob Ross, in each bag along with art supplies, candy, and a certificate of congratulations.

“The teachers and administration of Hubbard have been fantastic in supporting these endeavors. Every year they let us use the buildings to display these projects, hold a elementary art contest, and present gifts to the kids for all the hard work. Our high school administrators have always been flexible and encouraging with us making this a K-12 project. It’s always a challenge to see how we can top the year prior and it gets harder every year. So who knows what next year will bring, but one thing is for sure. It will be fun.” - Josh MacMillan, HHS Art Teacher.


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