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Eloy Kim competes at state in speech and debate

Eloy Kim recently competed at the speech and debate state finals in Lincoln Douglas Debate. The resolution was Resolved: Predictive Policing is Unjust. Kim worked very effectively to build cases on the affirmative and negative sides of the resolution.

"Throughout the month of February, Eloy did not stop practicing, going so far as to mock debate our assistant coach until 11 p.m. in the hotel room the evening before the event. On Friday, he ate breakfast and debated the assistant coach again until we had to leave for the event. His work ethic is testament to the kind of person he is and will continue to be in the future," said coach Chris Moriarty.

After two days of debating, Kim finished in 57th place out of 86 competitors. This was his first ever attempt at the state finals.

"Eloy should be very proud of his accomplishments and we are very proud and overjoyed with the spectacular fashion in which he represented Hubbard High School in Wooster that weekend," said Moriarty.

Eloy Kim


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