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Exceptional Artist Show

On Tuesday April 9th a group of students participated in the second annual Exceptional Artist Show at Poland High School. We had 5 students participate including Michael Cassidy, Megan Freeze, Tatum Mound, Alexis Susak, and Prestin Allan. Each students was able to select any piece of artwork from class he or she wanted to submit. All five of our students received recognition with a certificate of participation and a first place ribbon. There were also some individual winners as well. Michael Cassidy took 3rd place overall in the show for his graphite self-portrait. Prestin Allan was awarded *Most Abstract *for his painting entitled, "Color Everywhere." The show and reception that was put on for the kids was phenomenal, and we are incredibly proud of our kids for their hard work and accomplishments.

This year has been a blast thus far and we aren’t done yet. We have our district show on May 8th. This show will give us the chance to put these works, along with those done by other students, as well, on display for the community to see. When the opportunity came up and we were asked if we would like to participate, I got a hold of Miss Dickason and asked, “This sounds like a great opportunity. What do you think?” Of course, she agreed. So, we put the work together, dropped it off for judging and waited to see the results. When we arrived at Poland High School, we were so pleased to see the amazing set up. Local businesses had so graciously donated food and drinks. Parents and students were admiring all of the artwork, and schools from all over the local counties had participated to make the show a success. This is definitely something that Miss Dickason and I will continue to do for our students every year in which the show continues to be put on. We hope to see everyone on May 8th at the Hubbard District Art Show to view these works and the works of all our K-12 students!

Picture of art exibit with award ribbins

Picture of hubbard student next to exibit

Picture of hubbard local schools art exibit

Picture at Hubbard art exibit

Picture of hubbard local schools art exibit


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