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HEA to spread holiday cheer after raising more than $24,000 for Children’s Christmas Drive

Hubbard, OH -- It's a gift giving operation that epitomizes the Christmas spirit.

This year, the teachers' union of Hubbard, Hubbard Education Association, formed a Philanthropy and Community Relations Committee and are in the process of raising money for their first endeavor - the Hubbard Children's Christmas Drive.

“The Hubbard Education Association felt it was important to reinstate this holiday tradition to ensure all of the students of Hubbard schools experience the joy of opening presents on Christmas morning. We know there are families within the district who are struggling financially, and we are happy to ease the extra stress the holidays can place on them,” said teacher Laura McCleery.

For a number of years, the Hubbard community has worked together to give some kids in the school district a Christmas to remember. However, this is the first year the Hubbard Education Association has spearheaded the effort, raising an astounding $24,000 since the middle of October, which will allow them to buy presents for approximately 190 children from 70 different families.

“The amount of support that we have received is overwhelming. Our community has given their time, they have supported us financially, and they have provided their services to help make this a wonderful holiday season for the children of Hubbard Schools,” said teacher Megan Phiel.

“It is with the support from the community that our teachers and staff members were able to give of their time to organize, shop, and wrap gifts for these families. It makes us proud to teach in this district and to be a part of such a generous community,” said teacher Kelli Komlanc.

The presents will be distributed to some families this week at the school. While others will be delivered to families on Thursday, Friday and Saturday by the Hubbard Police and Fire Departments.


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