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HHS art department continues streak, four students to compete at nationals

The streak continues at Hubbard High School. Four art students recently learned their submissions into the Scholastics art competition will be heading to nationals in New York.

"Every year I ask myself the same question, “Is the streak going to continue?” The streak of at least one piece going to New York for Scholastics. I know streaks come to an end but if it could wait a few more decades that would be great," said high school art teacher Josh MacMillan.

Last year, Mollie Greco was the only Hubbard student who had a piece move on to nationals. This year, as a senior, Greco along with Chloe and Phoebe Rusnak, Samantha Frohman, Kylie Yobe, Nick Kitchokoff, Astaria Shattuck, Liam Kerr, Kalyn Nuel, Joya Grymberg and Aubrey Panigall submitted their best works of art in the show. This year, four students' work will be heading to New York to compete at the national level. Phoebe Rusnak is sending her triptych linoleum cut print titled June 24, 2022 after earning a Gold Key. Panigall received a Gold Key for her mixed media piece where she used oil paint, graphite, baby oil and an old photo on matte board titled Art Reflects the Times. Joya Grymberg received her Gold Key for an incredibly well-detailed pen drawing called I wish I knew you. The fourth and final Gold Key was earned by Mollie Greco for her mixed media piece in watercolor, ink,and colored pencil. Along with her Gold Key, she become the second Hubbard student in the past 20 years to receive an American Vision Nomination.

Silver Key Individual Pieces:

Aubrey Panigall (2) and Kylie Yobe


Mollie Greco

Gold Key (national qualifiers):

Aubrey Panigall

Phoebe Rusnak

Joya Grymberg

Mollie Greco

American Vision Nomination (highest honor in the show)

Mollie Greco

A Silver Key is a regional award that honors those students who are in the top 15% of the show for their work. This year’s show had over 500 entries from almost 350 students in the area. Gold Keys are awarded to the top 7% and automatically move onto nationals. Five students in the show are awards the American Vision Nominee (AVN). The AVN are Gold Key pieces that also receive additional recognition as one of the best in the show.

"Our kids have been diving into a lot of new creative places such as printmaking, mixed media and collage. Techniques we have done but not taken deep dives into for a while but the kids wanted to try and did it ever payoff, " said MacMillan. “I am so happy and proud of all the kids who entered and had the privilege of having their work on display at Youngstown State University. The kids who entered are our best and most talented and represented the art department, school, community and their families proudly. Keeping our fingers crossed for us to get our first ever national medalists this coming spring.”


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