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Hubbard Schools selected as part of the top 25 for Vans High School Custom Culture

Hubbard Schools has been selected as part of the top 25 for Vans High School Custom Culture physical shoe design. From May 4, 20202 through May 15, 2020, you may vote on the shoe designs have been put up on for public voting. Click on "vote now" above physical shoes and then search for "Hubbard High School."

Back in February Hubbard High School was selected as one of 500 schools in the nation to compete in the Vans Custom Culture contest.

According to Vans, the Custom Culture contest was created to inspire and empower high school students to embrace their creativity through art and design and to bring attention to diminishing arts education budgets. Vans believes everyone should be empowered to express themselves creatively and should be given the tools to do so. Custom Culture is a national high school customization competition using blank Vans shoes to be customized around specific themes.

Hubbard High School students Mallory Greenamyer and Grace Ryser participated in the contest. Mallory did the "Local Flavor" shoes that represented our area including steel mills and the history of the Mahoning Valley.  Grace used local graffiti to reflect the theme of "Off the Wall" from Vans. 

"We were blessed to be one of 500 schools in the country to participate. What the two of them came up with is nothing short of amazing.   This was something they tackled on top of all of their AP work for me and the rest of their academic and extracurricular responsibilities.  I am incredibly proud," said Hubbard High School art teacher Josh MacMillian. "This was really a team effort. Woods technology teacher Mr. Scarmack helped make the platforms for Grace's Shoes and helped with cutting down some of the wood scraps to make the cityscape for Mallory, and Miss Lockso wrote an impact statement on how winning would transform our program, school, and community."

The winning designs will receive $50,000 for their high school art program.


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