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HHS Report Card & Lockers

October 21, 2020

This is David Reel, assistant principal at Hubbard high school. I wanted to make parents aware that the end of the nine weeks will be this Friday, October 23. Reports Card will be distributed on November 5 and 6th in their homeroom for students in cohorts, and the remaining will be mailed home.

Also, starting October 26th students will be able to use their lockers at the beginning and end of the school day only. Students will still be permitted to carry their book bags and water bottles throughout

the school day. Students will receive their schedules with locker number and combination Thursday and Friday of this week. We ask that students do not decorate their lockers, but instead use this opportunity

to store their coats and other items not needed for the school day.

The staff at Hubbard thanks you all for your continued support this school year.


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