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HHS student recognized for producing music video depicting teacher’s battle with breast cancer

Hubbard High School senior Gabi Jones was recently recognized for a music video that she produced, shot and edited showcasing her teacher’s battle with breast cancer.

The video entitled “Love Me at My Worst” features Hubbard High School multimedia teacher Megan Schellhorn who was diagnosed with HER2-positive breast cancer in May of 2021 at the age of 39.

“In the music video, Mrs. Schellhorn is seen watching her three children play outside. In those moments, she appears to feel sad and left out. Shortly after, Mrs. Schellhorn falls asleep and begins to dream about what life was like before her cancer diagnosis. When she wakes up from the dream, her children surround her with flowers and give her a hug. It is at that moment when Mrs. Schellhorn is reminded that even at her worst, her family will always love her,” said senior Gabi Jones.

The “Love Me at My Worst” video won the 2022 Governor’s Youth Art Exhibition - Regional Competition. It was then sent to Columbus for state judging, where the video was named among the best 300 pieces of artwork in the state out of more than 6,000 entries.

“Having Gabi in class has been inspiring. I got to know her last when I had her brother in class, and it is so impressive how great their perspective is on everything they do. She is always optimistic, positive, and puts everything she can to make her work the best it can be and this video shows those qualities,” said Hubbard High School art teacher Josh MacMillian. “I told her before to remember how fortunate she is to have such a supportive family at home. A lot of kids have talent, but sometimes they don’t have the support at home to encourage them to pursue art in college because they aren’t sure what career they could have. I believe, no doubt, she will be successful moving forward and it’s because of who Gabi is and the family she is surrounded by.”

Jones originally produced the music video last fall for the All American Film Fest in New York City, where she was named a finalist.


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