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High School Student Dress Code

Rule #21 -Student Dress

Students are expected to dress appropriately for school. Any fashion (dress, accessory or hairstyle) that disrupts the educational process or presents a safety risk or health concern will not be permitted. Therefore, the principal shall have the final jurisdiction in individual cases in interpreting and enforcing the dress code guidelines. Students and their parents are responsible for the students’ proper dress and personal appearance while at school

The following styles or manners of dress are prohibited:

1. Hair styles or Unnatural Hair colors, such as mohawks, which are disruptive/distracting to the educational process or pose a safety hazard are not permitted. Hair must not be worn in a way which obstructs the natural vision of students or staff members.

2. Clothing, buttons, badges, etc., that contain messages that are vulgar, offensive, obscene or libelous, that denigrate others on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, national origin, gender, sexual orientation or disability; that promote or reference alcohol, tobacco or drug use, violence or death.

3. All clothing must be of appropriate size and length, fit neatly and be worn properly (as intended). Pants must be worn at the natural waist and are not to be saggy or baggy displaying skin or undergarments.

4. No pajamas/sleepwear, breakaway/tearaway (tops and/or bottoms), or athletic pants or shorts.

5. Yoga pants and leggings are allowed as long a dress/shirt is fingertip length.

6. Chain accessories suspended from clothing. Accessories that may pose a safety hazard.

7. Pants with tears, slits, or holes that are revealing any skin are not permitted.

8. Head coverings are not to be worn inside the school building, unless for religious reasons.

9. Accessories such as gloves, non-prescriptive sunglasses are not permitted.

10. Wearing pierced jewelry on any other body part than the ear, such as nose, eyebrows, lips and tongue are not permitted (bandages are not allowed to cover up piercings). Gauges are to be no bigger than a dime.

11. Shorts are only permitted during the months of August, September, October, March, April, and May (remember that athletic shorts are still not permitted).

12. Articles of apparel, clothing or accessories that present a hazard to the individual, others, or school property are not permitted.

13. No cutoff shirts, sleeveless, or midriff shirts/tops are permitted. Visible undergarments are unacceptable (undergarments must be worn at all times).

14. No backpacks or oversized purses may be worn or carried during the school day.

15. Any material that is sheer or lightweight enough to be seen through will not be permitted.

16. On game days athletes may wear clothing to be determined by the administration.

17. Shorts/skirts/dresses must be fingertip length.

18. No outdoor coats are permitted.

19. No headphones are allowed to be worn or visible during the school day

Violations will result in the following:

1st violation Warning

2nd violation Letter sent home to parent

3rd violation Detention

4rd violation ALC

To decree a grooming guideline that would pertain to every conceivable attire would be cumbersome and never-ending. The above criteria, hopefully will serve as a positive guide to the students of Hubbard Exempted Village Schools. If any attire not listed above is questionable or extreme, the building administration will make a decision whether or not it is appropriate for the school.


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