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HMS English Festival Team garners experience , awards in first visit to YSU since 2019

The 44th annual YSU English Festival welcomed back the HMS English Festival Team for the first time since 2019 on April 7, 2022. Accompanied by HMS teachers Mr. Brian Luther and Mrs. Angela Yohman, the eight members of the HMS team took part in a wide array of activities which were based upon their reading of this year's novels and nonfiction readings in their first ever trip together to Kilcawley Center.

Writing, literature, and making memories were the order of the day as the team gathered with other schools from the tri county area, as well as a few from Western Pennsylvania and Northern Ohio, too. Freshmen Audrey B., Emma H.,Caleb S., Eighth Graders Gabi G. and Aubrey H., and Seventh Graders Kenna E., Maddie F. and Lauren G. took part in sessions which included Impromptu, Insights, Not So Trivial Pursuit, Poetry Workshop, Literature Into Art, Writing Games, Music from Literature, and attended meetings with authors Jo Knowles and Candace Fleming.

At the afternoon awards assembly, three HMS Team members earned awards for their work: First Place finishes were won by Eighth Graders Aubrey H. in Not So Trivial Pursuit, and Lauren G. in Limericks, with an Honorable Mention in Writing Games being awarded to Freshmen Emma H.

This year's successes were fantastic and offer much promise for next year's English Festival, which for HMS will be held on Thursday, April 20, 2023, with young adult authors Chris Crutcher and Eliott Shrefer scheduled to appear.

Mr. Luther and Mrs. Yohman wish to congratulate this year's team members on a great year, and they hope to see them back for more fun in Year 45 of the annual YSU English Festival!


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