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HMS Text Book and Library Book Return Schedule

Starting on Tuesday, May 26 HMS is asking for students to return their text books and library books. The return will be a drive through and drop off format. Please enter the main circle (morning drop off area) and pull up to the auditorium doors where you can then drop off your textbooks and library books at the designated area with the assistance of our staff members. In order to limit traffic and numbers of people on campus at one time, we are scheduling one grade level per day. If you have students in multiple grade levels, you can return books all at the same time. If you have additional questions; please call our main office at 330-534-1921 (Extensions: 3001 or 3002).

HMS Text Book and Library Book Return Schedule:

Tuesday, May 26 (Grade 5) from 10am-1pm

Wednesday, May 27 (Grade 6) from 10am-1pm

Thursday, May 28 (Grade 7) from 10am-1pm

Friday, May 29 (Grade 8) from 10am-1pm


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