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HS Guidance Links

Below you will find several links to websites that may be helpful to current students:

ACT- - sign up for ACT exam


FAFSA- - financial aid

NCAA- - NCAA Clearinghouse registration

Occupational Outlook Handbook- - research various careers

ODE- - Ohio Department of Education

O*Net- - research various careers

ASVAB Career Exploration- - career research

Ohio Means Jobs - -- career research, college research

College App Map -- -- links to various apps to guide students grades 9 - 12 through process of preparing for college Selective Service Registration -- -- all male students MUST register with the selective service when they turn 18 years old

Ohio Jobs in Demand - Listed below is a website that may be of interest to you. It lists the jobs in demand in Ohio and the required education level.

10 Steps to Picking the Right College - an article from US News & World Report students may find helpful:

Study Tips - Do you know how to study? Take a look at these tried and true tips to help you be successful in the classroom! Click HERE

HIGH SCHOOL YEARLY PLANNERS: We have developed a yearly planner for each grade level. These planners will give students and parents an idea of what needs to be done each school year in order to be prepared for post-secondary education. Planners were distributed to students during the first week of school at the class meetings.


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