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Hubbard Elementary School 4th Grade Ukulele Concert

This year, Hubbard’s 4th grade students learned how to play the ukulele! The 4th graders acquired many skills while practicing throughout the year. They learned how to read chord charts, strumming skills, and various vocabulary terms associated with the ukulele, such as frets, sound hole, tuning keys, bridge, and more! Students also practiced reading treble clef notes and performed various rhythmic patterns using their ukuleles!

The 4th graders learned how to fingerpick individual notes (B, A, G, and E), and they also learned how to play several different chords including C Major, F Major, A minor, G Major, G Major 7, C Major 7, and C7 (C dominant 7th chord)!

In this concert video, you will see all six 4th grade classes demonstrate the skills they have learned this year in music class.

Congratulations to all of Hubbard’s 4th grade students on wonderful performances!


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