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Hubbard Elementary School students featured in national publication for short stories

The work of several Hubbard Elementary School students will soon reside in The Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.Last fall, students in Robyn Fete’s fourth grade English language arts classes were encouraged to participate in the Young Writers’ Spooky Sagas Contest.  Students had to rely on their creativity and imagination as they crafted a 100 word spooky story for the competition.Over 10,000 entries were submitted to the contest.  Just recently, Hubbard Elementary School learned all of its students’ entries will be published in Spooky Sagas 2019 - Ohio Stories.  The Spooky Sagas 2019 - Ohio Stories is expected to be published in February. In addition to Hubbard Schools receiving a copy of the book, one will also be sent to The Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. to provide a lasting record of the students' achievement. In April, Young Writers will select the school district with the best set of entries as The Young Writers' Award of Excellence.  The best published writer will also be recognized and receive an iPad and a trophy. Best of luck to our Hubbard writers!


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