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Hubbard Elementary students stimulate their senses with new sensory walk

When you look down a hallway full of elementary students, it’s not uncommon to see many of them running their hands up and down the walls.

At Hubbard Elementary School, that’s now encouraged.

“A couple of years ago, I saw a video of a school that had a sensory wall in one of its hallways. The students in that district loved it. So, I started thinking of how we could expand on that idea here at Hubbard Elementary School.” said elementary principal Shawn Marcello.

Over the summer, Marcello solicited the help of Hubbard art teachers Megan Marino and Josh MacMillian to design a sensory walk that encompassed two hallways and the elementary school’s courtyard. He also reached out to Eric Johnson at Pier Graphics to have decals printed for the space. Community member Rick Resatar then volunteered his time to seal the entire project.

“Megan and Josh came up with a theme that’s centered around our district’s eagle mascot. Throughout the walk, students are able to interact with a number of sensory experiences before soaring over a river and landing in an eagle’s nest,” said Marcello.

Each teacher is able to take their classroom through the sensory walk. For some students, a daily trip through those hallways is built into their schedules to help meet their sensory needs and calm them down. Marcello is also using the sensory walk as a reward for students who display positive behaviors.


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