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Hubbard Elementary teachers win grant

Hubbard Elementary School's fourth grade English language arts teachers, Mrs. Jenkins, Mrs. Fette and Mrs. Greenamyer, recently received a $500 grant from the Trumbull Retired Teachers Association.

The Trumbull Retired Teachers Association provides two $500 grants for active teachers to support innovative activities in their classrooms, or for schoolwide activities. The grant program was open to all academic disciplines, grade levels and building activities.

With the grant, Mrs. Jenkins, Mrs. Fette and Mrs. Greenamyer plan to purchase blank storybooks for the entire fourth grade. Students will implement the writing process, which includes drafting, revising, editing, and publishing. Then, the students will create a storybook with their audience in mind. In this case, the audience will be a kindergarten student. Once the writing process is complete, the fourth grade students will visit kindergarten classrooms and read their stories to a child in the room. Once the stories are read, the books will be given to the kindergarten student to take home with them.


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