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Hubbard Exempted Village School District embarks on Strategic Planning Project

Hubbard Exempted Village School District is excited to announce the launch of a transformative strategic planning initiative, emphasizing our commitment to providing an educational environment where every student can thrive. We invite the entire community, including parents, educators, students, and local residents, to actively contribute to this collaborative effort. Through a strategic planning survey, stakeholders can share their invaluable insights, ensuring a well-rounded and inclusive approach to shaping the future of education in Hubbard. Inclusion and collaboration are at the core of this initiative, and your participation is essential in prioritizing goals, efficiently allocating resources, and aligning strategies with the values and needs of our students and families. Together, we can build a future that reflects the aspirations of the entire Hubbard community, creating an empowering and dynamic educational experience for all.


FOCUS GROUP ROUNDTABLE EVENT: Saturday, January 27, 2024


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