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Hubbard High School qualifies 21 students to State History Day

Twenty-one Hubbard High School students have qualified for the State History Day contest at Ohio Wesleyan University on Saturday, April 27, 2019. Hubbard High School hosted its own history day in early February with its US History and US Government students. Over 40 kids advanced from the school competition to the regional competition, which was held on at Youngstown State University on Saturday, April 6. From that competition, 21 students earn the opportunity to compete at states. The state qualifiers include:

Group Documentary;

2nd place; “Iranian Hostage Crisis”

Anthony Gagliardi

Ryan Laird

Zachary Jones

Kobe Krisuk

Andrew Frank

Individual Performance;

2nd place “Women’s Fights”

Taylor Perline

Individual Exhibits;

1st place “John Glenn Orbits Earth”

Michael Anderson

2nd place “Battle of Dunkirk”

Gino Mileto

Group Exhibits;

2nd place “Salem Witch Trials”

Abby Schindell

Mackenzie Mastropietro

3rd place “Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire”

Lena Dunkerley

Gracie Bencetic

Harley Senek

Angelina Eusanio

Jaiden Evans

H Mention “ Lewis and Clark Expedition”

Mallory Greenamyer

Andrea Dull

Sidney Marenkovic

H Mention “The Johnstown Flood”

Maggie Lewis

Joella Coxson

Brooke Papini

HHS State History Day Qualifiers


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