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Hubbard High School’s art students receive lesson in graffiti art

Hubbard High School’s art students recently received a lesson in graffiti art from graffiti artist Jesus Giraldo who is from Miami, Florida. Giraldo recently visited Josh MacMillan’s art classes to give a demonstration on graffiti art and spend the afternoon completing a commissioned piece of graffiti art.

Prior to his arrival, Giraldo asked MacMillan if he could work with a couple of art students on the graffiti piece, as it was his wish to give back to students. Hubbard High School students Mollie Greco and Phoebe Rusnak were selected to help Giraldo. The girls came up with an overall theme for the piece. Giraldo began by painting the word Hubbard on the canvas and then allowed Greco and Rusnak to add their own artwork to the canvas. Throughout the process, Giraldo talked to the girls about techniques, color, space, and how to pull everything together.

“The girls were able to experience something a majority of students would never get the chance to experience. The opportunity to work hand-in-hand with a graffiti artist for hours and ask questions, while having the creative freedom to add what they wanted to the piece, is something they will be able to cherish forever. It’s also something other people will be able to enjoy for years after Mollie and Phoebe graduate,” said Josh MacMillan.

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