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Hubbard High School students complete mission trips in Central America

Two Hubbard High School students recently returned to Hubbard after completing separate mission trips to Central America.

Chase Roy’s trip to Honduras marks the second time the freshman has taken a mission trip. Both times, he partnered with Fishhawk Rotary in Florida, where his grandfather is a member. During his most recent week-long mission trip, Roy worked alongside Honduras Compassion Partners to install water filters, large tubs to hold water and community bathrooms. He also helped build a house, two libraries and celebrated the opening of a school.

“The trip was really life changing. You start to see everything differently. It’s cold to see how other people live and to be able to help them out, “ said Roy.

Roy hopes to return to Honduras this summer for a month-long mission trip.

Senior Kennedy Evans also recently returned from a mission trip. She traveled with her church, Victory Christian Center in Coitsville, to El Salvador. In El Salvador, Evans worked alongside members of Kings Castle Ministries as part of their evangelism team, taking different ministry programs to the streets and to schools. While this was Evans’ first mission trip out of the country, it certainly won’t be her last. In July, she’s moving to Africa to attend the SOS Mission Bible School to follow her dreams of becoming a missionary.

“The trip was the most humbling experience, and somewhat of a culture shock. In America, it is not uncommon to hear kids complaining about going to school. When I was in El Salvador, some of the kids we met walked seven miles to attend school,” said Evans.


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