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Hubbard Middle School Costume Fundraiser

October 2019

Dear Parents/Guardians

On Thursday, October 31st Hubbard Middle School is having a fundraiser. The money will go to the Principal’s Fund and will be used throughout the year for school wide activities! Students are permitted to wear their costumes to school for $1.00. Home Room staff will collect their money. We ask you comply with the following guidelines:

1. Full face masks (covering the entire head) are not permitted.

2. No oversize costumes that may drag on the floor.

3. Costumes depicting violent scenes are not allowed. Also, no toy props such as toy guns, swords, pitch forks etc will be allowed.

4. No revealing costumes.

Costumes will be worn all day, no change of clothes will be permitted, exception would be gym class.

We appreciate your cooperation and are looking forward to a delightful day on Thursday, October 31st.


Brian Hoffman


Tracie Liptak

Assistant Principal


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