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Hubbard Middle School students create sleeping mats

Students from Hubbard Middle School's 8th grade class are crocheting plastic bags together to create sleeping mats for the homeless. The students, who began the initiative back in November have completed five mats.

This project teaches students the importance of recycling and introduces them to the topic of homelessness.

The students started the project by collecting plastic bags from families and friends. They then cut the bags into strips, creating "plarn", or plastic yarn, and use it to crochet the mats. It takes about 500-700 bags to create one 6-foot by 4-foot mat.

Mrs. Walker got the project idea from Organization Bed Roll and thought the project would help students realize that the issue of homelessness actually hits close to home by looking at the number of homeless within their county.

With a newfound understanding of homelessness, the students have been enthusiastic about the project. Once all the mats are completed, they will be taken and distributed to the Rescue Mission Shelter, within their final project each mat has a special letter. The students wrote anonymous letters to their recipient of their mat wishing them comfort, warmth, and the hopes that they find happiness and health.


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