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Hubbard Schools SRO showcases how math is used in law enforcement

Have you ever wondered how police officers determine who is at fault in an accident when there are no witnesses or how they are able to piece together a crime scene? The answer is often mathematics.

On Thursday, December 20, Hubbard’s school resource officer Sgt. Bobby Thompson explained how police officers rely on math to perform certain job duties. Sgt. Thompson met with students in Mrs. McCoy’ math classes to take about specific math concepts that allow police officers to balance a department’s budget, reconstruct accidents and crimes scene and maintain statistics.

“A lot of people don’t realize how often police officers rely on mathematics to do their jobs. A lot of our officers, especially those who conduct investigations use math all of the time. My hope is that these lessons will help students understand how math can be used outside of the classroom and expose them to a career where mathematics plays an important role,” said Sgt. Bobby Thompson.

Integrating Sgt. Thompson into the classroom was a goal of the board of education when it entered into an agreement with the Hubbard Police Department. The district understood the expertise Sgt. Thompson brought to Hubbard Schools and felt it was important to share that knowledge with the district’s students.

"We are excited that Sgt. Thompson has been proactive in creating educational opportunities for our students. Whether it is talking to our kids in the hallways or delivering presentations in the classroom, we feel it is important that he becomes part of our educational team,” said Superintendent Raymond Soloman.


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