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Hubbard Schools to honor class of 2020 with “20 Minutes Under The Stadium Lights”

We can all agree it has been a trying time within our communities, including our class of 2020.   Hubbard Schools has come up with a way to honor members of the senior class and we are asking if everyone within the Mahoning Valley and beyond can join us for “20 Minutes Under The Stadium Lights”.

On Friday, April 24, 2020, Hubbard Schools will turn on the lights at Hubbard Memorial Stadium at 8:20 PM.  There, the district’s varsity announcer will give a brief introduction of the event and read aloud the names of all members of the class of 2020 so they echo across the community.  Hubbard Schools will have a video showing on the scoreboard with students' pictures. This will be broadcast on the Hubbard Athletic Department’s Facebook Live page as to not promote the community to visit the field, but rather to join in via social media. 

“Our goal is to give seniors a moment where the community can appreciate their hard work and dedication.  Each of the communities joining us will be making this a special night for their seniors in their own way,” said  said athletic director Kevin Hogue.

After the students’ names are read, there will be a quick thank you to all involved in putting this event together and a closing statement on behalf of the school district.   Finally, the playing of Hubbard Schools’ alma mater will close out the 20 minute event.  


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