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Hubbard Schools to host cyber awareness assemblies for students and parents

In this day and age, children often know more than adults when it comes to technology. It’s not uncommon to see a toddler swiping through apps on a tablet or teenagers documenting their lives on social media. However, what children and their parents may not realize are all of the issues that can arise online.

“There isn’t a school in this country that is immune to what happens when students misuse social media and other technology. Kids are often unaware of the legal ramifications that can arise when these platforms are used inappropriately. I wanted our students and their parents to be aware of the issues that can happen and know of the legal consequences of certain actions,” said high school principal Brandie Yobe.

On January 16 and 17, Hubbard Schools’ resource officer Sgt. Bobby Thompson, Trumbull County Assistant Prosecutor Gabriel Wildman and Trumbull Family Court’s Chief Diversion Officer Jolene Calderone will host cyber awareness assemblies for students in grades 9-12. During the 90 minute presentations, the trio will discuss social isolation, bullying, sexting, videoing, sending and receiving inappropriate messages, as well as popular social media apps used by teens, what can happen when those platforms are used inappropriately and the legal consequences that can follow.

“Teens don't always realize that something they post today can have an impact on them down the road. A photo sent to someone they trust could be shared and viewed by thousands of people in an app. The lasting impact of that one photo can ruin job opportunities, cause legal trouble or even cause someone to end their life,” said school resource officer Sgt. Bobby Thompson.

Hubbard Schools invites all middle and high school parents/guardians to hear a similar presentation on Wednesday, January 16 at 7 the high school auditorium.

Hubbard Schools to host cyber awareness assemblies for students and parents.


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