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Hubbard students test buoyancy of homemade boats at "Eagle Regatta"

The champions of the 2nd Annual Eagle Regatta have been declared at Hubbard High School.

For the last several months, the high school’s physics students have been working to design and build boats made entirely of cardboard and duct tape.  The regatta showcased an impressive display of creativity and physics principles in action. Students tested their knowledge of buoyancy and Archimedes' Principle as they navigated their handmade vessels across the Hubbard Community Pool during the event.

After months of preparation, three teams emerged victorious:

1st Place: Boat Mobile

Members: Jillian Palumbo, Mia King and Lauren Kamorek

2nd Place: Boats N O's

Members: Noelle Fakner, Michael Frazis, Lucas Seese, Noah Adamson, Kyleigh Keister, Brooklyn Sterling.

3rd Place: USS Silly Goose

Members: Aiden Casey, Luke Summers, Danny Scarmack, Sydney Ward, Nate McLaughlin

The Eagle Regatta was made possible by the generous support of Gasser Chair and P & L Metalcrafts. Gasser Chair provided all of the cardboard, while P & L Metalcrafts donated 350 rolls of duct tape for the boats. Additionally, P & L Metalcrafts contributed gift card prizes for all of the winning teams.


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