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Interdistrict (Open) Enrollment 2024-25

Hubbard’s window for interdistrict enrollment will be open March 18th through March 28th

Pick up an application between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM at the Hubbard Schools Administration building located at 108 Orchard Ave., Hubbard.

To the Parents of CURRENT open enrolled students

Parents/Guardians of current open enrolled students will receive a renewal application via mail in February. Sign and return the letter prior to the deadline to secure your child’s placement at Hubbard Schools. Once we receive your response, your child is automatically renewed for next school year. You will not receive an additional acceptance letter. If you opt to transfer to a different school, please indicate your decision on the letter and return it as soon as possible.


Siblings cannot be enrolled at the buildings during resident student enrollment. Please pick up an application at the administration office during the application window.

Call Wendy Hendrix with any questions about the process at 330-534-1921 x1002.


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