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New high-tech calculators broaden the use of classroom technology at Hubbard High School

Hubbard Schools recently purchased 50 new TI 84+ Color calculators for the high school math department.

The new calculators are rechargeable and do not require batteries. They graph multiple lines in different colors for graph comparison and are very user friendly. The TI 84+ Color calculator is the calculator permitted on all graduation tests and the ACT. These calculators are also the primary calculators used in many college classes. Math teachers Tiffany Marian and Andrea Stamp each have a set of the new calculators in their classrooms, which provides Hubbard High School students the opportunity to use them daily, without having to pay $150 for their own calculator. The Hubbard High School math department also allows students to sign out the calculators for use on the ACT.

“These calculators allow us to broaden our use of technology in the classroom because all students have access to the same technology. They have graphing, probability, fraction, and statistics benefits. We are really excited our students have this tool at our fingertips without having to spend their own money on them,” said math teacher Andrea Stamp.

In addition to the 50 new calculators, the district purchased five 10-calculator charging stations so that all 50 calculators can be charged after each use.


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