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Physical Education Opt-Out

All students are required to earn a .50 credit of Physical Education in order to be eligible for a diploma from an Ohio high school.

The Hubbard Board of Education has adopted a policy to excuse from the .50 credit Physical Education requirement each student who, during high school, has participated in interscholastic athletics, marching band or cheerleading for at least two full seasons. Students will have to decide to Opt-Out of Phys Ed while completing the scheduling for grade 9 (spring of eighth grade).

Students will be required to list the activities that will be used to meet the two season requirement. Participation in interscholastic athletics, marching band or cheer leading are the only activities that can be used for the Physical Education Opt-Out.

Students who opt-out of the .50 credit Phys Ed requirement will be required to complete a .50 credit in another course of study in order to reach the 21 credit requirement for graduation.

If a student is "cut" or quits at any point during the season or fails to complete two full seasons, they will be required to fulfill the .50 credit Physical Education requirement by signing up for 2 Phys Ed courses offered at Hubbard High School. Each Phys Ed course is worth a .25 credit. No partial excuse shall be granted. i.e.- if a student participates in only one full season of athletics, marching band or cheerleading, the student will not be excused from a .25 credit of Phys Ed. Therefore, the student will need to complete a .50 credit of Phys Ed in order to meet the graduation requirement (2 PE classes).

If a student misses 9 days or more of a season (to include both practices and/or events/games) that student will not be granted the Phys Ed Opt Out and will have to take 2 PE classes. The 9 day absence rule will be in effect regardless of the reason for the absence (injury, illness, vacation, etc).

Although we offer the Physical Education Opt-Out, we strongly encourage participation in Physical Education courses at Hubbard High School. We believe that daily exercise is a key component to good health and success in the classroom.


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