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Senior Christina Badurik clinches Tribune Chronicle's 20 Under 20 Award

Hubbard High School senior Christina Badurik has earned well-deserved recognition by clinching the Tribune Chronicle's prestigious 20 Under 20 Award, a testament to her outstanding commitment to community service.

Among the 20 young individuals acknowledged, Christina, alongside Hubbard junior Isabella Williams and other notable Trumbull County students, stood out for her impactful contributions to the community. This award highlights the exceptional leadership and volunteerism demonstrated by these young adults in their efforts to create positive change within their localities.

Christina's win marks a significant achievement for Hubbard High School, making her the first student from the district to receive this accolade since its inception in 2013. As part of the award, Christina received $500, and she chose to donate the sum to a worthy cause—Hubbard High School teacher Megan Schellhorn's breast cancer awareness charity, "Pink Lights the Way."


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