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When to stop for a school bus in Ohio!

Our students will be back in session at Hubbard Schools beginning Wednesday, August 25, 2021. As a result, our streets will be much busier, and we want everyone to be safe!

Here are a few school bus safety reminders from the Hubbard Police Department! • Be aware of your environment. Know your neighborhood. Be aware of kids. Take alternative routes that do not go by schools, etc. if you are in a rush. • Follow the speed limit (and the law) especially in school zones and at bus stops. • Never drive distracted. Please put down your phone. • Slow down and prepare to stop if another bus is flashing its lights. This means the bus is preparing to stop (yellow) or already stopped (red), and people are getting on or off. • Pay attention to flashing lights and NEVER pass a bus with the stop-arm extended. • Slow down. Three minutes is not worth the potential life-changing consequences for a child, or you.


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