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Board Summary - November 20, 2023


Board Summary

November 20, 2023

1. Approved the financial reports for the month of October 2023.

Cash Summary, Spending Plan, Disbursement Summary,

Bank Reconciliation

2. Approved the following board meeting minutes:

October 11, 2023 Regular Meeting

3. Accepted, with gratitude, the following donation(s):

Hubbard Elementary Principal’s Fund:

$4,000 from Hubbard Elementary Parent’s Association (HEPA)

$307.50 from HEPA Blanket Fundraiser

$75 from Hubbard/Liberty Nutrition for PBIS

Eagle Essentials:

$300 from First Baptist Church

$100 from Covenant Life Church

$100 from Cornerhouse Christian Church

Hubbard Community Pool:

$400 from Nick’s Auto Body

$400 from Churchill Methodist Church

Food Service:

$500 from Hubbard Community Youth League

Hubbard Schools:

$356.46 from True North Energy “Giving Pump” Initiative

$25 from John McConnell

4. Accepted, the following student activity budget(s):

Ecology Club $12,869.53

5. Approved the 2023-2024 Five-Year Projection of Revenues, Expenditures and Assumptions in

accordance with Rule 3301-92-04 under Chapter 119 of ORC Section 5705.391, in the format as

prescribed by the Ohio Department of Education & Workforce and the Auditor of State, as


6. Approved an agreement with GPD Group for the expansion of the Hubbard Elementary School

parking lot, to be paid with ARP ESSER funds, as submitted.

7. Approved the TCESC 2023-2024 Certified and Classified Substitute Lists, as updated and


8. Approved the 2023-2024 HEVSD Classified Substitute List, as updated and submitted.

9. Approved the second reading for adoption of the following board policies:

po0141.2 Conflict of Interest (Revised)

po0164 Notice of Meetings (Revised)

po1615 Tobacco Use Prevention (Revised)

po2623.02 Third Grade Reading Guarantee (Revised)

po3113 Conflict of Interest (Revised)

po3120.08 Employment of Personnel for Co-Curricular / Extra-

Curricular Activities (Revised)

po4120.08 Employment of Personnel for Co-Curricular / Extra-

Curricular Activities (Revised)

po4215 Tobacco Use Prevention (Revised)

po5113.01 Intra-District Open Enrollment (New)

po5320 Immunization (Revised)

po5330 Use of Medications (Revised)

po5337 Care of Students with Active Seizure Disorders (New)

po6240 Board of Revision Complaints and Countercomplaints (New)

po6700 Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) (Revised)

po7440 Facility Security (Revised)

po8120 Volunteers (Revised)

po8210 School Calendar (Revised)

po8330 Student Records (Revised)

po8390 Animals on District Property (Revised)

po8600 Transportation (Revised)

po8650 Transportation by School Van (New)

po9160 Public Attendance at School Events (Revised)

po9211 District Support Organizations (Revised)

po9270 Equivalent Education Outside the Schools &

Participation in Extra-Curricular for Students not

Enrolled in the District (Revised)

10. Approved the 2022-2025 Hubbard EVSD Reading Improvement Plan, as submitted.

11. Approved a $200 stipend, for the following staff members for completing the 2023-2024 SIOP

(Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol) Framework Training, to be paid from Title II-A funds,

upon completion

Erin Barnot

Mary Davis

Andrea Murray

David Reel

Robin Vaupel

12. Accepted, with regret, the resignation of Andrew Coggins, Bus Driver, effective September 28,


13. Accepted, with regret, the resignation of Heather Morgan, Hubbard Elementary School Daily

Building Paraprofessional Substitute, as needed, October 16, 2023.

14. Approved requested FMLA for Katie Duchek, Hubbard Middle School ELA Teacher, as per HEA

negotiated agreement.

15. Approved a one year limited contract (pro-rated), for Shari Dobos, Hubbard High School

Paraprofessional, Step 0, 6.5 hours per day, effective October 23, 2023, as per the posting dated

May 22, 2023, as per OAPSE negotiated agreement.

16. Approved Heather White, Hubbard Middle School Home Instruction Tutor, 5th grade student, five

hours per week, duration to be determined, as per the posting dated October 26, 2023.

17. Approved Joshua Foster, maintenance temporary casual employee (shift will vary as needed),

$18.45 per hour, effective December 4, 2023 through June 30, 2024.

18. Approved to non-renew the following 2023 Fall Athletic Supplemental Coaches.

Joshua MacMillan - Head Girls Soccer Coach

William Malone - J.V. Girls Soccer Coach

Gregory Powell - Head Volleyball Coach

Anne Zagorec - Assistant Volleyball Coach

Jasmine Phillips - 9th Grade Volleyball Coach

Marsha Tetrick - Eighth Grade Volleyball Coach

Jeffrey Tetrick - Seventh Grade Volleyball Coach

Christopher Trobek - Head Girls Golf Coach

David Cooper - Head Boys Golf Coach

Donald Fussellman - Volunteer HS Boys Golf Coach

Cory Reinard - Head Boys Soccer Coach

Harry Reinard - J.V. Boys Soccer Coach

Michael Kacir - Head Boys Cross Country Coach (7-12)

Michael Kacir - Head Girls Cross Country Coach (7-12)

Brian Hoffman – Varsity Football Coach

Timothy Schiraldi - Varsity Assistant Football Coach

and Equipment Manager

James Chaney - Varsity Assistant Football Coach

John W. Schiraldi, Jr. - Varsity Assistant Football Coach

Dennis Parise - Varsity Assistant Football Coach

Ronald Fox - Varsity Assistant Football Coach

Demetrios Hazimihalis - Varsity Assistant Football Coach

Richard Bowser - Volunteer High School Football Coach

Jeffrey Songer - Volunteer High School Football Coach

Hunter Meyer - Freshman Football Coach

George Taylor - Freshman Football Coach

Frank O’Brien - 7th/8th Football Coach

Chase Staunch - 7th/8th Football Coach

Tommy Jackson - 7th/8th Grade Football Coach

19. Approved the following sports workers for the 2023-2024 Athletic Season.

Donald Lehman - Football Chain Crew

Timothy Gilliland - Football Chain Crew

Richard Shepard - Varsity Football Chain Crew

Daniel Scarmack - Game Administrator

20. Approved payment for the following Fall Sports Workers:

Candace Ackworth - Fall Sports Scoreboard $ 725.00

Phoebe Rusnak - Fall Sports Scoreboard $ 300.00

Brian Adamson - Varsity Football Chain Crew $ 180.00

Todd Chuey - Scoreboard HS Boys and Girls Soccer $ 1,275.00

Yianni Hazimihalis - Football Video $ 300.00

Brian Luther - Announcer $ 350.00

James Miller - Varsity Football Scoreboard $ 180.00

Ken Miller - Varsity Football, and HS and MS

Volleyball Scoreboard $ 485.00

Debra Madeline - Parking HS Football $ 325.00

Fred Shaffer - Varsity Football Spotter and

Football Scoreboard $ 360.00

Brian Wright - Varsity Football Chain Crew $ 180.00

Christopher Balla - Varsity Football Play Clock Operator $ 210.00

Andy Zenko, Jr. - Varsity Football Chain Crew $ 180.00

Martin Kanetsky - Football Chain Crew Assignor $ 185.00

Jeffrey Wright - Varsity Football Stats $ 400.00

Kenneth Merrell - Football Chain Crew $ 210.00

Todd Coonce, Sr. - Football Chain Crew $ 210.00

Robert Ellcessor - Football Chain Crew $ 60.00

Donald Lehman - Football Chain Crew $ 30.00

Timothy Gilliland - Football Chain Crew $ 90.00

Richard Shepherd - Varsity Football Chain Crew $ 180.00

Brian Appel - OHSAA Playoff Game Athletic Trainer $ 500.00

Kevin Hogue - OHSAA Playoff Game Manager and Media

Coordinator (Football, Boys and Girls Soccer

and Volleyball) $ 200.00

Daniel Scarmack- Game Administrator $ 150.00

21. Approved the following coaches for the 2023-2024 Athletic Season, as per HEA negotiated

agreement. All coaches are subject to all required certifications.

2023-2024 All Year Hires

Brian Hoffman - Weight Training (Dec-Feb) and (Mar-May)

2023-2024 Winter Hires

James Rush - HS and MS Wrestling Volunteer

2024 Spring Hires

Gregory Bonvissuto - Girls JV and Varsity Softball Volunteer

22. Approved the following sports workers for the 2023-2024 Athletic Season.

Brian Luther - HS Basketball Announcer

Dennis Parise - HS Basketball Clock Operator

Candace Ackworth - HS and MS Winter Sports Scoreboard

Ashley Rodgers - HS and MS Winter Sports Scoreboard

Fred Shaffer - JV and Varsity Boys Basketball Scorekeeper

John Chovan - JV and Varsity Girls Basketball Scorekeeper

Stacey Fabrizio - Boys Basketball Video

Daniel Scarmack - Gameday Administrator

Debra Madeline – Athletic Worker

Mark Eckard - HS Girls Basketball Volunteer

23. Approved Adrienne Poullas, Private Lesson Swim Instructor, $25.00/hour, effective November 6,


24. Approved Tracy Clark, Hubbard Elementary School Long Term Substitute - Speech

Pathologist, 6.5 hours at $45.00 per hour, effective November 13, 2023, as per posting dated

September 6, 2023, as per HEA agreement.

25. Approved a clarification to Item IX Letter V on the April 17, 2023 board minutes, for Rick Fox only

Fifth/Sixth Grade Boys Basketball is a paid position, as per the HEA negotiated agreement.

Raymond W. Soloman




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