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Superintendent's Office

Thank you for taking your time to visit the Hubbard Exempted Village Schools web-site.

All students possess great potential and deserve an education acclimated to their individualized learning needs. It is also important to remain cognizant of the century technological demands required in order for them to remain critically competitive in a global society. It makes me proud to recognize the devoted teachers who award our students with the knowledge of current best practices and research in the field of education. This talent, in combination with the collaborative efforts of support staff, community, Board of Education, and administrators who impart how imperative education is, will help Hubbard students to achieve great academic success.

I have the utmost respect, loyalty, and dedication to Hubbard Exempted Village Schools. My desire is to see a continuation of our excellence in academics, goal-achievement, leading the way, and extra-curriculars, all while maintaining a safe school

environment, accomplished by working together as a team.


Soar with Eagle Pride!

Raymond W. Soloman

A picture of Raymond Soloman

Excellence in:



Leading the way


Safe environment

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