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Drones In School Racing Team

Hubbard School's is starting a drone racing team. We will be competing against other local schools virtually as well as in actual head to head races. The season runs from March to April, 2024.

We will be forming the team the first week back after the holidays. If you have any interest or have any questions, please feel free to email

If you like drones and would like to fly, please consider joining the team. If you don't have an interest in flying, we might still have a spot for you. We need the following positions:

Project Manager - This person oversees the project management of all key deliverables and ensures that all equipment is ready for the competition. This includes organizing time, materials and equipment for completing all aspects of the project. The Project Manager will need to work with all members to ensure tasks are progressing on time and offer assistance as needed. The Project Manager also serves as the main point of contact for the team advisor and Drones in School personnel at all events.

Marketing Coordinator - The Marketing Coordinator is responsible for developing and managing the team brand strategy. This includes overseeing fundraising campaigns and managing sponsor-team relationships. The Marketing Coordinator works closely with other team members to ensure materials and presentations align with the team brand. The Marketing Coordinator also oversees production of the team's video presentation.

Manufacturing Engineer - This person is responsible for advising team members on the manufacture of the drone and the constraints of the machining/manufacturing process. Manufacturing engineers will need to work with the design engineers to report and solve any problems with the construction of the drone and work with the drone technician to make repairs. The Manufacturing Engineer may also oversee the construction of the display booth.

Design Engineer - This role is responsible for the styling and the aerodynamic performance of the drone and design of the display booth. Design engineers will need to work with the manufacturing engineer and drone technician to ensure these ideas can be realized, repaired and maintained.

Graphic Designer - This person is responsible for producing the drone color scheme, team logo/identity, any special sponsorship logos, final graphic renderings and any additional team marketing materials. The graphic designer will need to work with all team members to coordinate the design and production of the display booth, portfolio, team uniform and video presentation.

Drone Technician - This role is responsible for ensuring all components of the drone are installed and working properly. Drone Technicians are responsible for using the configuration software to adjust the flight operation of the drone. Drone Technicians must also ensure that all team members are following the correct operating procedures and protocols for setting, modifying and operating the camera and/or radio frequencies during an event.


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