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Hubbard High School Scheduling for 2019-2020

Hubbard High School Scheduling for 2019-2020

The high school will begin the scheduling process for 2019-2020 in February 2019. Recognizing that course selection is extremely important, we encourage each student and his/her parent to carefully review the scheduling information and take the time to make the necessary course selections. When selecting courses, students/parents should consider: course rigor; courses needed for college entrance; NCAA requirements; athletic eligibility; diploma with honors; valedictorian requirements, Hubbard Scholar requirements, etc. The Academic Coursebook describes each of these areas in detail and should be referenced when selecting courses.

The Academic Coursebook for the 2019-2020 school year will be given to all students currently in grades 8 - 11. The booklet contains important information that will help when selecting courses. It also includes a description of all courses offered at Hubbard High School. Requirements for the Honors Diploma, Valedictorian, Hubbard Scholar, Summa Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude and Unconditional Admission to state related college and universities can be found in the Academic Coursebook. The high school will have an informational 8th grade parent scheduling meeting on February 13, 2019 at 7:30 pm in the HS auditorium. All parents of current eighth graders are encouraged to attend.

Guidance counselors will meet with students to distribute scheduling information and discuss course selections.

  • Important things to remember:

1. All students must carry a minimum of 5.25 credits for the year and five classes

per semester

2. We recommend student athletes carry a minimum of 6 classes per semester

3. Phys Ed classes do not count toward eligibility, however they do count

towards the "F" rule

4. At no time may a student drop a class for a study hall

5. Students may not drop an Honors/Advanced Placement

course without a penalty of a Withdrawal Failing (WF).

6. Students enrolled in AP courses will be required to take the AP Exam

in May with a cost of approximately $98.00

7. Students that WD from a CCP course prior to college ADD/DROP date will be required to remain in the course for high school credit


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