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Hubbard Middle School launches mentoring program

Back in September, Hubbard Middle School students pledged to spread kindness and compassion when they accepted Rachel’s Challenge.

Building upon that, the Friends of Rachel Club recently decided to expand its reach to the elementary school. The club has launched a mentoring program with Hubbard Elementary School students. Once a month, approximately 60 seventh and eighth grade students travel to the elementary school to enjoy lunch and conversation with students in third and fourth grade. The goal of the mentoring program is to spread kindness and compassion to younger students.

“Our middle school students are already having a positive impact on our elementary kids. During our last mentoring opportunity, an elementary student came up to me and excitedly said, ‘Thank you so much for bringing the big kids back!’. I was thrilled to hear that,” said middle school counselor Trent Stubrich.


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