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Hubbard ranks in top 10% of school districts for commitment to whole-child education

Hubbard Schools’ dedication to providing an evidence-informed education that prepares students for success in the real world has led it to earn the annual EVERFI Empowered Seal.

Now in its third year, the EVERFI Empowered Seal is a designation awarded to public school districts that have demonstrated an exemplary commitment to comprehensive education strategies on topics such as financial literacy, health, and careers. This is the first time that Hubbard Schools has been awarded the Empowered Seal.

In addition to being recognized nationally for their work, the Empowered Seal provides students with the opportunity to participate in the Empowered Seal Scholarship contest. Ten students will be selected as winners, with two students winning a $1,000 scholarship and eight students each winning a $500 scholarship. Contests will be held in the fall and spring.


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