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Hubbard’s Spanish 4 students offer learning experience to Hubbard fourth graders

On Wednesday, February 19, 2020, Hubbard High School’s Spanish 4 students and Hubbard Elementary School’s fourth grade students participated in a co-learning experience.

Each year, the Spanish 4 students develop and create a senior project, which incorporates the knowledge and skills learned over the course of the past four years. This year, the students came up with an idea to research Spanish Festivals (Feast Days) that are celebrated throughout the Spanish-speaking world along with the traditions that go along with them.

As a component of the project, they turned the high school wrestling room into a Festival (Fes-tee-BAHL). Throughout the festival, the Spanish 4 students took the fourth graders on a learning tour and had them participate in a number of games and activities that are authentic to the festival that their group researched. They informed them of the origins and traditions associated with the event. They also taught some Spanish vocabulary associated with the theme. In addition, some of the Spanish students posed as vendors and sold a small variety of authentic foods and drinks. Participants were encouraged to bring a small, monetary donation to the event. All of the money will be donated to the Fondos Unidos Earthquake Relief Fund for Puerto Rico.


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