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Hubbard Schools opens food pantry with generous support from The Cody A. Pitts Foundation

The Hubbard Exempted Village School District was excited to announce the opening of the Hubbard Schools Pantry, a vital resource for students in need, named in memory of Hubbard High School alumnus Cody Pitts.

“The Cody A. Pitts Foundation generously kickstarted our pantry's operations with a $5,000 donation,” said David Reel, assistant principal of Hubbard High School. "Beyond addressing hunger, some of our high school students were able to gain employable skills – stocking shelves, managing inventory, packing bags, and delivering food – as a result of this donation.”

Partnering with Second Harvest Food Bank enabled the district to purchase food at discounted rates, ensuring the pantry remained well-stocked to meet student needs.

"This pantry was instrumental in providing support to our K-12 students who were facing food insecurity, ensuring that they had access to food,” said Reel. “If a student found themselves hungry throughout the day due to a lack of food at home, they were encouraged to inform their teacher or school administrator to access the school's food pantry during the day.”


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