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Middle school students compete in Challenge 24 tournament

The Hubbard Middle School was represented at the Challenge 24 Tournament, which is hosted by The Trumbull County Educational Service Center and sponsored by Cortland Bank and held at Warren G. Harding High School on Wed, Nov. 14, 2018. The teams are coached by Mrs. Linda Congemi and Mrs. Geneen Morrison. Challenge 24 is a mathematics game in which competitors use multiplication, addition, subtraction and division in various combinations to manipulate four numbers on a card to equal 24.

Congratulations to the Challenge 24 Teams consisting of :

5th gr: Mathew Chaney, Noelle Cheney, Dominic Gulu, Addison Sarisky, Andreas Tsikouris & Skevos Tsikouris

6th grade: James Behnke, AJ Cheney, Hunter Shaffer, Calebschindell, Veronica Bray & Isabella Williams

7/8th grade: Ashlee Maiorano, Aubrey Panigal, Danny Scarmack & Ashley Rodgers

And a special recognition to Ashley Rodgers. She was one of the top 16 finalists.


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